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Once I have purchased my parcel of land, what responsibilities will I have?

We can put you in touch with independent contractors who will cut the grass for you and keep it free from weeds.  We cannot do this ourselves  as that could create a package that may not be legal.

Will the land definitely get planning permission?

The site is in an area where there is a real chance that planning permission may be granted in the medium to long term future. However, investing in Green Belt land is speculative..

Will there be any Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty?

There will be capital gains tax to pay on any profit but there are thresholds, allowances and discounts. Stamp Duty only applies to parcel purchases over £150,000. You may wish to seek independent tax advice.

Can I resell my parcel of land?

Yes. There is a strong demand for quality land and we can help you if you wish. Be aware that you should not be thinking of reselling in the near future.

Is this investment a safe investment?

The investment is tangible land that can be sold like any other piece of land.

Will my land rise in value?

Land has historically been one of the best investments ever, consistently overtaking inflation and beating all other investments in the long term.

I am the owner of one of hte parcels of land what happens now?

Basically, it's up to you. Land Aspirations cannot be seen to be working on behalf of the owners of land it sold. That could be illegal and could result in the FSA or BIS closing the company down. You are allowed to get together yourselves.